How to Create the YouTube Growth Playbook Campaign

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a YouTube Growth Campaign in ToneDen.

Before You Get Started

We highly recommend setting up your own domain to run the YouTube Growth Playbook for best results. Otherwise, campaigns will default to link click optimization. Once you've connected your domain to ToneDen, our system will automatically use your new custom subdomain to run these campaigns. You can learn how to set one up in the following guide:

pageA Guide To Setting Up Your Own Domain For Custom Conversions

We highly recommend creating a video formatted for Instagram Stories Ads prior to making your YouTube Growth Playbook campaign. You can learn best practices & how to make the ad creative in the following guide:

pageHow to Create Instagram Stories Ads for Growth Suite

Step 1: Select Accounts

The first step is to choose the Facebook advertising account you want the campaign to be created under in the "Select a Facebook Advertising Account" section.

The second step is to choose a Facebook Page & Instagram Account to post as. The ads in the YouTube Growth Playbook campaign will ONLY appear in Instagram Stories. The reason why you have to choose a Facebook Page is that Instagram is owned by Facebook. The last step is to choose a Facebook Pixel (optional). This option will only appear if the Facebook Advertising Account you've selected has more than one Facebook Pixel attached to it. If your Facebook Advertising Account only uses one pixel, we will automatically use that pixel in your ad campaign.

Step 2: Set Schedule

The first step is to select a campaign start date on the calendar in the "When do you want your ad campaign to start?" section. The second step is to then select a start time for your campaign. Leave the "Run my ad campaign continuously" checked if you want your campaign to run continuously (recommended).

If you do not want your campaign to run continuously, you can uncheck the "Run my ad campaign continuously" button.

From there, you would "select an end date" and "select an end time" for your campaign.

We recommend running your Growth campaigns continuously

Step 3: Select YouTube Video

The first step is to select a video by the YouTube channel that you want to grow. You can do this by typing in the name of the video, or the URL of the video.

Step 4: Select Interests

The first step is to add interests. This will allow you to reach people who share at least one interest, demographic, or behavior on Facebook.

Alternatively, you can generate interests from Spotify, similar to the Spotify Growth Playbook.

Next, you'll select the locations you'd like your ad to run in. Your options are Global (recommended) English Speaking or Custom. The Potential Reach of your audience will be displayed at the bottom of this step. To maximize reach, select the Global option to target people around the world, regardless of their location.

Step 5: Modify Budget

To complete the "Modify Budgets" step, enter a daily budget amount in the "Set a daily budget for this ad campaign" field. Alternatively, you can set an overall budget for the length of the campaign.

Step 6: Design Story Ad

Your campaign will automatically bring in a horizontal image from your YouTube channel, but we recommend uploading video creative to your campaign by pressing the "Add Video" button in the "Add and customize your creatives" section. Pressing the "Add Video" button pulls up your "Video Library". If the video you'd like to use for your campaign is not yet in your library, the "Video Library" allows you to upload videos from your desktop computer when you press "Upload New Video Button".

Step 7: Review Ad Campaign

Press the "Continue to Next Stage" button to complete the "Review Ad Campaign" step.

Step 8: Launch Playbook

Add a name for your campaign in the "Playbook Name" field. This is the name you can use to identify the campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager account after it is launched.

You can also add Campaign Tags to the campaign for quick searching later.

You can also enter your email in the "Email Notifications" field to get daily report emails regarding your campaign.

Press "Launch Playbook Campaign" to launch your campaign.

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