Global Targeting vs. Custom Targeting

We explain why global targeting is always better for Spotify Growth Playbook campaigns.

Use Global Targeting to Take Advantage of Lower Ad Costs

Using the global targeting option in the Select Spotify Markets section will get you the lowest "cost per follower" for your campaigns.

Your target locations are the second biggest influencer of your "cost per follower."

The more fans you reach, the more opportunities for them to swipe up and follow your profile, leading to a lower cost per follower.

The growth playbook is set to "global" by default to maximize your marketing budget's reach:

  • The average cost to reach 1,000 Spotify users developed countries (e.g. the US) is $10.

  • The average cost to reach 1,000 Spotify users across the globe is $2.

This cost difference means it's cheaper to target users across the globe than in one country.

Streams from Spotify Users in Different Territories Contribute Equally to Algorithmic Engagement

There's another strategic reason why we recommend global targeting.

A Spotify stream from a user in the United States might generate more income than a Spotify user in Brazil.

But the algorithm views all streams equally: a stream from Brazil is equivalent to a stream from the United States.

This means that you can become more popular on Spotify without having a large budget.

Your lift in popularity also means more placement in algorithmic playlists in the US.

In summary: advertise globally, benefit locally.

Custom Targeting

While you do have the ability to choose which markets your ads will appear in, we recommend trying out the Global option first!

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