Trying to figure out which ToneDen plan best suits your needs? We’ve got you covered with this plan overview.

Free Plan

  • Create unlimited Social Unlocks, Contests, and FanLinks

$50/month Basic Plan

  • Access to all social integrations with multi-step social unlocks

  • Custom domains for links

  • Removal of all ToneDen branding from campaigns

  • Message unlimited contacts on Facebook Messenger

  • Message unlimited contacts via StreamLinks

  • Message unlimited contacts via Pre-Release Landing Pages

  • Spend up to $500 in monthly ad spend

$100/month Pro Plan

  • Everything in the Basic Plan

  • Spend up to $1,000 in monthly ad spend

Note: With the Basic or Pro plans, your monthly billing may increase if your ad spend increases. This is why we recommend the Elite Plan. The Elite Plan gives you fixed pricing for the term of your contract and lets us create a plan tailored to your needs.

The Elite Plan

  • Everything in the Pro Plan

  • Custom number of premium profiles

  • Unlimited Ad Spend

  • Customized set of Add Ons

  • Dedicated Campaign Strategist

  • Guided on-boarding and team training

Send us a message if you're interested in talking to us about setting up the Elite Plan for your account:


What's an account?

On ToneDen, you can manage multiple accounts for the social brands that you manage. For example, you can have a separate account for "Nike" and "Adidas," each with its own campaigns you create and run. Pricing on ToneDen is per account.

Can I use ToneDen for free?

Absolutely. Our growth tools for social unlocks, contests, and FanLinks are all available on the free plan.

What does "ad spend limits" on ToneDen mean?

"Ad spend limits" refer to the amount you spend on advertising campaigns created and managed on the ToneDen platform. On the Basic plan, you can spend up to $500/month on ads; on the Pro plan, you can spend up to $1,000/month.

Does the ToneDen plan cover what I'm spending for my ads?

No. Your spend on ads is connected to your Facebook ad account. The cost of the subscription is separate from the amount you choose to spend on your campaigns.

What is a Campaign Strategist?

A campaign strategist is a ToneDen guide, helping you build the best campaigns for your objectives. They'll help you craft your audiences, advise you on your creatives, and work with you and your team to improve your performance over time.

Can multiple people on my team access my accounts?

Yes! We have team accounts that allow you to invite people and give them specific kinds of access to the accounts you manage. This eliminates password sharing and promotes easy collaboration.

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