Music Marketing

A guide to marketing your most recent or upcoming single, EP, or album across social media.

Welcome to ToneDen's Music Promotion Guide 👋

This is ToneDen's guide to promoting your music in 2020.
The guide is traditional in the sense that we provide advice on how to market your upcoming single/EP/album.
Where the guide becomes unconventional is our philosophy around "Always On" Marketing.
This is in-line with our recommendations to use the Spotify Growth Playbook year-round.
This guide will teach you:
✓ How to use ToneDen's most popular music marketing tools ✓ How to promote your music on Facebook & Instagram ✓ How to get more followers on Spotify and build a loyal following ✓ How to get on Spotify Playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly
We listed the different parts of the guide below. Read each part in order for the best learning experience.
We highly recommend reading the entire section on Spotify Marketing if you are short on time. Spotify is our biggest priority from a music marketing standpoint. It is the streaming platform the music industry cares about the most. And it is the only platform creating viral growth opportunities for artists at scale.

ToneDen's Music Promotion Guide 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤🎤🎸🎶