How to Create a Spotify Pre-Save and/or Apple Music Pre-Add

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create an Upcoming Release FanLink in ToneDen

It's easy to create an Upcoming Release FanLink to drive fans to pre-save your music on Spotify or Apple Music. When your release drops, our system will automatically scan for your release on other platforms and transition your landing page into a standard music FanLink. One URL for the entire release cycle—no more creating separate campaigns or updating SmartLinks on your big day!

Setting this up is super simple and takes just minutes.

Watch a step-by-step video walkthrough here:

Click Smart Links on the left-side navigation then +Create New Link Campaign on the right to start creating your smart link.

Select Upcoming Release.

Set Up Pre-Save

Enter the Spotify URI of your unreleased track or album. Usually, you'll need to request this in advance through your distributor. On average, it takes about 3-7 days to receive a URI.

You can leave this field blank and enter the URI once you have it from your distributor, but make sure you've added one before the save date.

Select and Confirm Streaming Services

Our worry-free auto-scanning technology will scan the popular services on the day of your release and automatically add to your landing page. No more having to go back and edit your SmartLink after release. Spend that time celebrating—you deserve it!

Be sure to toggle on Autoscan Active. Otherwise, you can manually enter the URLs of your track/album at any time. Prior to release, always double-check that the auto-scanning is correct.

You can also choose to exclude links to specific streaming platforms by toggling the button to the right of each service and choosing Visible or Hidden.

Customize Landing Page

Here you can also choose whether or not you’d like to:

Redirect Viewers To Preferred Service: Automatically redirect users to the streaming platform of their choice if they’ve visited one of your FanLinks in the past.

Sort Services by Click-Through Count: Choose whether you’d like the order of your displayed streaming services to remain fixed or shift-based on click-throughs. If checked, the services on your landing page will be ordered based on the number of clicks by visitors.

Add Email Capture Form: Add a simple email capture form for your contact list.

Add Social Icons: Make the links to your social profiles easily accessible on your FanLink page.

You can customize the order in which you’d like streaming services to appear to fans. Hold and move the carrots to the left of each streaming service to arrange.

Customize Preview (Optional)

Select service to generate preview or link to the audio file or YouTube/Vimeo video.

Edit Your Song or Album Metadata

We provide you with the ability to control how your link displays on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social channels.

If you'd like your URL to have a specific name, you can change the short link information here.

We also offer the ability to add a subdomain, helping you brand consistently across your links.

Add Retargeting Pixels (optional)

If you plan on advertising to your fans, add your retargeting pixels here. You have the ability to add the following retargeting pixels: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

To earn affiliate revenue on iTunes/Apple Music or Amazon, enter your affiliate code(s) on this page as well.

Retargeting allows you to serve ads directly to individuals who have clicked on your links in the past.

Review and Launch

If you’d like to organize your FanLinks, you can create tags for them (e.g. “Album Name”).

After you've double-checked everything and created a Campaign Name, press Launch Link Campaign and you're good to go!

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