How to Request Page Advertiser (or Admin) Access to a Brand

How to request access to a page through Business Manager

Why Request Access to a Facebook Page?

The two most common reasons for requesting access to a Facebook Page are:

Reason #1: You want to create a Facebook or Instagram Ad from a Facebook Page that you are not the admin of. This is called a Dark Post.

Reason #2: You want to create a Custom Audience from a Facebook Page or Instagram Profile you are not the admin of.

There are two methods of getting Facebook Page Advertiser access.

Method #1: Request Access to the Facebook Page & Advertiser role through Business Manager.

Method #2: Ask the Facebook Page Admin to assign you the Advertiser role.

Method 1: Request access to a page through Business

The first method is to request the “Page Advertiser” role through Business Manager.

A video walk-through of this guide can be found here:

Step 1: Request access to the Page through Business Manager

You can request this Page role by going into the Business Settings section of your Business Manager account. Select “Pages” under “Accounts,” press “Add,” followed by “Request Access to a Page.”

Then input the name of the Facebook Page you'd like “Page Advertiser” access to:

Make sure that you have the Create Ads option selected so that you get the right permission levels.

Step 2: Assign People & Roles to your Facebook Page

Assign people to the Facebook Page by pressing the "Add People" button:

Method #2: Request “Page Advertiser" Status from Admin of the Facebook Page

We do not recommend this method. This is because doing so will make it impossible to share access to the Facebook Page with other team members.

Here are the steps anyways.

Step 1: Add the Facebook Page Admin as a friend on Facebook & give them your email

To ensure the highest chance of success, you’ll want to send a Facebook friend request to the person who is the Facebook Page Admin.

Then provide the Facebook Page Admin with the email address associated with your Facebook profile.

Having the Page Admin be your friend on Facebook is optional, but sometimes Facebook doesn’t allow Page Admins to give someone a page role if they aren’t a friend.

Step 2: Have the Facebook Page Admin Assign You a New Page Role

The Page Admin will then:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.

  3. Type a name or email in the box and select the person from the list that appears.

  4. Click Advertiser to select a role from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click Add and enter your password to confirm.

‍Keep in mind that if you're not friends with the person you're adding, they'll have to accept your invite before they can start helping you manage your Page.

If you're not friends with the admin who sent you an invitation for a Page role, you'll need to accept the invitation before you can begin.

After you've been invited to a role on a Page, you'll receive either a notification or an email.

To accept an invitation for a role on a Page, you can either:

  • Click the notification and then click Accept.

  • Click Confirm in the email.

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