Growth Suite Best Practices

Social Campaigns Require Custom Domains

Explanation: Prior to the iOS 14 update, our Social Growth campaigns would send people who click on an ad to a landing page on our domain, where a pixel event would be triggered. This is no longer allowed by Facebook, since the advertiser cannot enable their pixel to record events on the domain.

Solution: Run your growth campaign using a custom domain. Otherwise, campaigns will default to link click optimization. The key to running any of our growth playbooks is having a custom domain. This will allow you to optimise for conversions. To run conversion campaigns, you must own a custom domain. You can learn how to set up one up in the following guide:

pageA Guide To Setting Up Your Own Domain For Custom Conversions

Once you've set up your custom domain and connected your subdomain to your ToneDen smart links using the guide above, you should now pause existing campaigns, duplicate, and re-launch, and our system will automatically use your new custom subdomain to run these campaigns as View Content conversion campaigns (how they were run prior to iOS 14 changes—if you do not have a custom subdomain, they will run as link click campaigns).

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