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New features & updates: A log of what's new and shiny in our platform

02/01/21 — New Features & Updates

Apple’s latest update, iOS 14 Apple introduced privacy-related changes which now requires apps and websites to show users a consent prompt before tracking a user's actions. Many campaigns have been affected as a result with a wave of ad campaign errors across the ToneDen platform, primarily impacting Social Growth campaigns and other conversion-optimized campaign types. Check out this resource for further clarity and suggested solutions:

pageWhat iOS 14 Means for ToneDen Advertisers

Create Ads from Existing Instagram Posts Now you can boost an existing Instagram post within the Edit Objective step when creating engagement ads. Boosting drives engagement and amplifies your post's ability to reach a targeted audience. It will appear in your audience's Instagram feed as a sponsored post.

Introducing PodLinks Podcasters direct new and existing listeners to a PodLink, where fans can see where your episode(s) are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher, and more. PodLinks track and measure your listeners, helping you nurture a repeat listenership. Here's a step-by-step guide on creating a PodLink:

pageSmart Links for Podcasts (PodLinks)

10/22/20 — New Features & Updates

New Zapier Integrations We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Zapier and launch Zapier integrations for ToneDen’s most popular workflows. Zapier lets you connect ToneDen with more than 2,000 apps, including those most critical to your workflow: Facebook, MailChimp, Google, Buffer, and more. Forget hopping from app to app—Zapier lets you automate your marketing and grow your business.

Read the blog post & explore ToneDen's Zapier integrations here.

pageHow to connect ToneDen to your Zapier account

Introducing the Growth Calculator Located in your Growth Playbook campaign insights, the Growth Calculator lets you calculate your current daily spend and average cost per follower to chart your Spotify and/or Instagram follower growth into the future.

Read the blog post.

Chartmetric Insights Some creators now have instant access to Chartmetric's social and streaming data insights within ToneDen's dashboard. See your audience across Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Chartmetric's music data analytics help artists and industry professionals understand music trends and marketing.

10/06/20 — New Features & Updates

Added Simple Music Targeting to Music Ads An alternative to advanced targeting, the Simple Targeting user interface is designed for fast campaign creation targeting new and existing fans. You have two options: Customize Your Interests to target interests on Facebook or Instagram or Generate Interests from Spotify to use Spotify's API to build better audiences.

pageHow to Create a Facebook & Instagram Ads with ToneDen for Music

Canva Integration Now Available Across All Landing Page Campaigns We’ve expanded our Canva integration and it is now available across all landing page campaigns including SmartLinks, Contests, and Social Unlocks. Canva is a simple drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million templates, graphic elements, and fonts. Advertisers can access all of the design features of Canva without ever leaving the campaign creation page.

ISRC & UPC support for Pre-Save or Pre-Add Release No more having to wait to receive a URI from your distributor to run a pre-save or pre-add campaign! Instead, you have the option to input your track or album’s ISRC or UPC in lieu of a URI.

pageHow to Create a Spotify Pre-Save and/or Apple Music Pre-Add

Pared Down Spotify Permissions By popular demand! We’ve removed unnecessary or unused permissions from Spotify.

Other Enhancements

  • Added archive option for Growth Playbooks

08/18/20 — New Features & Updates

New Spotify Audiences We added two new audiences built on top of the Spotify API to make it easier to build the right target audiences for your music or podcasts. The Spotify Artists in Genre Playlists Interests audience uses the genres of the selected artist to source popular playlists under that genre and extracts the artists in those playlists as target interests. The Spotify Artists in Playlists Interests audiences extracts artists as target interests based on the playlists selected.

Faster Loading Times to SmartLink Landing Pages We've made a number of changes under the hood that greatly improve the loading speed of your smart link landing pages, providing a better experience for your

07/24/20 — New Features & Updates

Public API (in Beta) We've got our first version of our API accessible to the public, making it easy to start building your own applications on top of ToneDen's features and campaign data. You can learn more about it by going to your developer settings view here, or viewing the API Documentation.

Pre-Save Email Followups You can now send a follow up email to everyone that's pre-saved your latest release, letting them know where they can stream it on release day. This is now available to all subscribers to the Basic plan with no limits on how many people you can message monthly.

07/11/20 — New Features & Updates

New Video View Audiences Retarget people who've watched a certain length or percentage of your videos.​​

Added Snapchat and TikTok pixels to FanLinks Pixel implementation for Snapchat and TikTok is now available for SmartLinks. ​​

Continuous Growth Campaigns No more repeatedly extending growth campaigns. Now you can set them to run until you’re ready to shut them off!​​

Upgrades to Grouped Remarketing Audiences Advanced targeters, we see you! Upgrades include:

• Ability to select multiple Facebook pages for page engagers and event engagers audiences

• Ability to select multiple Instagram accounts for the Instagram engagers audience

• Ability to upload a mailing list or exclude an audience

• Eliminated the Facebook page data source requirement

• Added grouped remarketing audience to the Mailchimp recipes

Auto-Populated Social Links for SmartLinks You can now ‘favorite’ socials for SmartLinks—auto-enabling socials for new links you create with your favorites pre-populated. Previously, you had to manually input social icons for each SmartLink.

Other Enhancements

  • Ability to add multiple pixels to FanLinks

  • You can now favorite the custom services you're using across your SmartLinks

  • We made it easier to create a Contest for your event pre-sales by presetting the refer-a-friend option to encourage people to share your Contest and raise awareness for your event

  • We've added the ability to customize your locations across Spotify Growth campaigns

  • Added the ability for you to add Apple Music playlist follows to your music smartlinks, contests, and social unlocks. See how it works here.

We built an easy way to market your upcoming livestream on any platform.

See why we built StreamLinks and why it matters for you in our announce post here.

Read about all key features here.

Get started with your first StreamLink here.

05/28/20 — Growth Suite

With Playbooks to promote growth on YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, ToneDen’s Growth Suite is a digital marketing trifecta for artists.

See why we built Growth Suite and why it matters for you in our announce post here.

05/28/20 — New Features & Updates

Add TikTok 'Use My Sound' to Music FanLink It’s never been easier to publish your music on TikTok! Artists can now upload their music and embed ‘Use Sound’ into FanLinks. Need help getting your music on TikTok? Here's a step-by-step guide here.

Promote any SmartLink, Contest, or Unlock on Facebook and Instagram We've made it easy to build the perfect ad campaign to promote your landing page and find new fans for less than $2/day. Our system will help you generate the right audiences based on what you're trying to promote.

Create Multi-Country Lookalikes Previously, if a user had added locations in multiple countries, we only used one country to create lookalike audiences. Now, with Multi-Country Lookalikes, we combine the population of each country and create a lookalike audience from that total population.

Enhanced Team Functionality/Control In Settings, Admins can now allow team members to add profiles to their team with the option of sharing a created profile with others.

Other Enhancements:

  • Ability to follow multiple Twitch profiles in a Social Unlock or Contest

  • Custom insights by date range for any SmartLink

  • Multi-Platform Social Unlocks available for free users

  • Contest Improvements now have Facebook and Twitter referral at the end

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