Event Marketing

A guide to marketing your upcoming events across social media.

Welcome to ToneDen's Event Promotion Guide.

This is ToneDen's guide to promoting your in-person and online events in 2020 and beyond.

This guide is a summary of the learnings we've gained from helping creators sell hundreds of millions of dollars in gross ticket sales ($111 Million in 2019 alone). šŸ„³

This guide will teach you:

āœ“ How to sell more tickets & increase attendance to your events āœ“ How to measure & improve your returns from online advertising āœ“ Which target audiences lead to the most sales & RSVPs at the best cost possible āœ“ How to create winning Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns āœ“ When, where, and how much of your marketing budget you should allocate for your events āœ“ Advertising strategies you can apply to industry-specific of events We listed the different parts of the guide below.

ToneDen's Event Promotion Guide šŸŽŸ

Our recommendation would be to begin with these articles first as they provide a general overview of what our tool provides and how to make campaigns:

pageToneDen's Facebook & Instagram Ads for EventspageCreating Your First Event Ad Campaign

You can then get a better understanding of why our ads platform is so powerful by learning about best practices for Facebook Advertising:

pageIntroduction to Conversion TrackingpageIntroduction to A/B TestingpageIntroduction to Budget OptimizationpageBest Practices for Using Multiple Audiences on FacebookpageThe Most Profitable Audiences to Target for Event Ads

You can wrap up your learning experience by learning how about best practices related to event marketing & specific event strategies:

pageThe Event Marketing LifecyclepageBest Practices for Understanding Facebook AttributionpageAdvanced Strategies for Facebook Ads for EventspageStrategies for Specific Events

We highly recommend you double check you have everything you need to create Facebook Ads while on the ToneDen platform by reviewing our "Getting Started" guide.

pageGetting Started with Facebook Ads on ToneDen

Let's move onto the next part! šŸ‘‡

pageToneDen's Facebook & Instagram Ads for Events

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