The Most Popular Types of ToneDen Campaigns You Can Use to Market your Music

A breakdown of the most popular types of ToneDen campaigns you can use to market your music

You can start planning now that you know what part of the music marketing lifecycle you're in.

The types of campaigns that you run & how much budget you put towards them vary by stage.

Here is a summary of ToneDen campaigns used in single, EP, and album marketing campaigns.

ToneDen Campaigns You Can Use to Market Your Music

The ToneDen toolkit for music marketing is vast. We've narrowed down a list of essential features you can use in every single, album, or EP marketing campaign.

FanLinks are universal landing pages that you can use for any single, EP, or album release.

They are the undisputed workhorse of music marketing. This is because they direct your fans to their most relevant service with just one link.

Creating and using FanLinks is 100% free.

Release a single? Create a FanLink. Album? Create a FanLink. FanLink. EP? Create a FanLink.

Music smart links have become so ubiquitous we've forgotten why they are so important. Here are the two biggest benefits:

  • More streams from reduced drop-off. What’s more frustrating for fans than having to search for your music on their favorite streaming platform. FanLinks make it easy to see exactly where your music is available, linking fans to the platform of their choice. Once fans have clicked on your FanLinks once, they’ll always automatically be directed to their preferred streaming platform. The result? Reduced dropoff. More listens, more shares.

  • More sales from retargeting your fans. Using FanLinks make it easy to retarget your fans with Facebook & Instagram ads. You can put your pixel on any FanLink you create. This allows you to create audiences with people who clicked on your smart links in the past 180 days. This makes creating high ROI campaigns for ticket sales or merch a breeze. Fans who click on your smart links are much more likely to buy than those who only comment or like your posts.

You can learn more about FanLinks here:

Spotify Pre-Save / Apple Pre-Add Campaigns

The Spotify Pre-Save or Apple Pre-Add campaign is the streaming equivalent of yesterday's "Pre-Order".

When a fan visits a ToneDen pre-save link they have the ability to "pre-save" your track on Spotify. Or "Pre-add" your track on Apple Music.

The track or album will then appear in the fan's "Liked Songs" playlist on Spotify on its release date. Or it will appear in their saved songs playlist on Apple Music.

Here are a few reasons why Pre-Save / Pre-Add Campaigns are a must for any music marketing rollout:

  • You get more streams. This is because most repeat listening occurs in the "Liked Songs" playlist on Spotify.

  • Fans follow you on Spotify when they perform a pre-save action. This means you get in front of more fans in the Release Radar playlist for future releases.

  • Having more saves on your release improves your "Save Rate". This improves your song's ability to get into Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

  • Fans opt-in to your email list when they perform a pre-save action. This allows you to email them with other offers throughout the course of your career.

You can learn more about Pre-Save campaigns here:

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram) Advertising are the glue that ties your marketing efforts together.

After all... what's the point of making a music smart link or pre save page if none of your fans know about it?

We've created a powerful version of Facebook Ads Manager for artists and labels.

Here are a few reasons why you want to use ToneDen to advertise on Facebook & Instagram:

  • Get your music in front of the fans most likely to listen to you on Spotify. Our targeting system helps you find fans of the artists that your fans listen to on Spotify.

  • Target the Right Fans in Seconds with Audience Builder. Building every type of audience needed for a successful music ad campaign takes time. Using the wrong audiences can cost you a fortune. Our Audience Builder makes sure your ads get in front of the right fans after a few clicks. Every ToneDen ad campaign can target: Fans who have visited your Facebook Page. Fans who have visited or engaged with your Instagram profile. Fans who have interacted with your smart links. Fans on your mailing list. Fans of related artists on Spotify And new fans with "Lookalike" Audiences.

  • Make Better Ads with A/B Testing for Creative and Audiences. Small budget? No problem. You can reach more fans without spending more money when you A/B test your creative and audiences.

  • Reach More fans While spending Less Money with ToneDen's Automated Budget Optimization. Launching your ad campaign is only half the battle to marketing a song. The other half is making sure your money isn't wasted on expensive clicks from bad fans. You used to have to solve this problem by turning off bad ads every few hours. Our budget optimization algorithm turns off bad ads every 12 hours. Then the algorithm moves money towards lower cost ads with better fans. The end result is that you reach more fans without having to increase your budget.

Spotify Growth Playbook

The Spotify Growth Playbook is the developing artist's secret weapon.

If there is one tool you use on ToneDen... Make it the Spotify Growth Playbook!

ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook lets a musician increase their following on Spotify by tapping into Spotify’s global audience through Instagram Stories.

Our Spotify Growth Playbook makes it easy to increase Spotify streams & followers for as little as $5/day and as low as $0.15/follower.

Here are a few reasons why you would want to use ToneDen's Spotify Growth Playbook:

  • Increase Spotify streams & followers. Spend as little as $5/day to see meaningful follower & stream growth.

  • Improve your odds in the Spotify Editorial Submission process. Tracks that have better "Saves to Listeners" ratio tend to outperform tracks that don't. Using the Spotify Growth Playbook will improve your track's "Save Rate".

  • Track your follower growth. ToneDen makes it easy to see how many new followers you gain relative to what you spend.

You can learn more in the Spotify Marketing portion of this guide:

Or you can create your first campaign now:

StreamLinks are the newest addition to the ToneDen music marketing arsenal.

StreamLinks are marketing landing pages for your upcoming broadcast, helping you get more viewers and followers across any platform.

Fans who visit your StreamLinks have the ability to RSVP for upcoming streams. ToneDen then sends them instant email notifications when you go live.

The end result is a livestream that starts off with plenty of viewers and an engaged audience.

Here are a few reasons why you would want to use ToneDen's StreamLinks:

  • Promoting album Listening Parties. StreamLinks have proven to be useful for promoting album listening parties. This is because they provide an easy way to remind fans to attend your stream.

  • Building a following on Twitch. Twitch is becoming a relevant platform for music marketing. But getting followers is challenging. StreamLinks make it easy for fans to follow you on Twitch after RSVPing.

You can learn more about StreamLinks here:

That covers the most popular tools in ToneDen's music marketing arsenal!

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