Selecting Your Objective and Accounts

Getting started with the first steps to set up your campaign on ToneDen. Be sure to check out our guide to setting up a custom domain, a new requirement for running conversion campaigns on Facebook.

Edit Objective

The first step in building your campaign is to select an objective and the event you want this campaign to advertise.

What is an Objective?

ToneDen will automatically optimize your ad campaign depending on what you specify in this step.

Using the “Get people to buy tickets on your website” objective is best if your goal is to drive sales.

Choosing this objective will allow you to track revenue and target potential customers who are more likely to complete a certain conversion event, such as making a purchase.

The “Get people to engage with your post or page” objective is best if your offer is not on sale yet and you are looking to drive awareness ahead of time, or if you’re trying to run a Page Likes campaign or Facebook engagement campaign.

Takeaway: Conversion campaigns use conversion tracking to track revenue and allow you target people who are likely to purchase. Learn more about how conversion tracking and conversion campaigns work here.

Choosing a Destination for Your Campaign

After specifying your objective, you'll choose the event you want your campaign to promote.

If you've chosen to run a conversion-based campaign, you can either enter a webpage URL, one of your Eventbrite events, an existing Facebook post, or info from a previous ToneDen campaign.

“Use a link” is best if you would like to send fans to a specific web URL.

“Use a Facebook Post” is best if there is a preexisting Facebook post that you would like to promote and you do not wish to create a new one for the campaign.

You will be able to select any recent post from a Facebook Page that you have Page Advertiser access to from a drop-down menu.

If you cannot find your Facebook post, you can input the Facebook Post ID of the Facebook post you would like to use, so long as you have Facebook Page Advertiser access to the Facebook Page.

Once you're finished with this section, click the green "Update Objective" button on the bottom right side of your screen to proceed.

To navigate to any step of the ad creation process, click on the specific step under the table of contents on the left side of the screen to skip between steps at any time.

Select Accounts

In this section, you'll select the ad account with which you'd like to pay for your campaign and the page from which you want your ad to run.

Select a Facebook Advertising Account

We'll automatically load the ad accounts you have access to on the personal Facebook account you link with your ToneDen account.

You can choose which Facebook Ad Account you'd like to advertise from by clicking the drop-down menu below “Select A Facebook Advertising Account.”

You may have different payment methods, custom/saved audiences, and FB Pixels across different ad accounts. Be sure to select the correct one for your respective campaign.

Choose a Facebook Page

Select the Facebook page from which you'd like your ad to run. You can select any page that you have page advertiser access to in this field.

If a page doesn't show up, make sure that you have advertiser access to it on the personal Facebook account you've linked with your ToneDen sub account.

Also, make sure to grant ToneDen access to all your Facebook pages so we can load them in our interface.

If you have access to a large number of pages, try typing your page in manually if it doesn't automatically appear in the drop-down section.

Choose an Instagram Page (Optional)

We'll automatically use the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page you select in the step above.

Feel free to leave this section blank unless you'd like to select a different Instagram account than the one already attached to your page.

Facebook's New Rule

Due to Facebook’s recent changes for iOS 14, the best way that advertisers can continue to leverage the benefits of the Facebook pixel and conversion tracking is to own their domains. Otherwise, campaigns will default to link click optimization. While you can continue utilizing all features on ToneDen without owning a custom domain via a "Link Click" objective, we believe that taking the steps to get a custom domain up & running will help see you better results in the long-term.

While all campaigns on ToneDen are able to run using a "Link Click" objective even if the user does not have a custom domain synced up, owning a domain maintains the ability to run conversion campaigns. What does this mean for your ToneDen ads?

  • Without custom domain: Growth Suite Playbooks, Promoted Smart Links, and all other Advertising campaigns will only be able to report back on the # of link clicks happening on your ads. This may exclude important info on everything that occurs after viewers click on the link. Prior to the iOS 14 changes, users were able to optimize campaigns for conversion events (ie higher value than a link click) without needing a custom domain attached to their campaigns. Running link click campaigns, which don't explicitly bid for higher converting individuals, means you may need to spend more to reach relevant parties.

  • With custom domain: Growth Suite campaigns, Promoted Smart Links, and all other conversion campaigns will be able to measure events a step above the "Link Click" objective such as View Content, Lead (for pre-saves), Purchase (e-commerce), etc. ensuring that you are reaching more engaged audiences.

We've included a video & step-by-step guide of how to set up a custom domain below:

A Guide To Setting Up Your Own Domain For Custom Conversions

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