Last-Minute Campaign Performance Tips

Types of performance issues

There are two general ways to classify performance issues:

  • Audiences or campaigns aren't spending enough. This means your ad is not competitive in the ad auction or there aren't enough results available in your target audience so we stopped delivering your ads or can't deliver them consistently.

  • Costs too high. Your ads may be delivering consistently, but the average cost of each optimization event is too high for you to maintain a profit from your ads.

Tips to improve performance

Here are a few things you can try to improve your campaign's performance:

  • Budget: Increase your budget to remain competitive (example: 30%+ increase). Are you getting at least 50 clicks or content view events per week? If not, you may need to increase your budget.

  • Targeting: Facebook always showing your ads to the people they think are most likely to take the action your ad set is optimized for. Because of this, it's usually a best practice to not restricted targeting. A target audience that's to narrow may reduce your chances of spending your budget and properly delivering your ads. We recommend having at least one audience that is larger (500,000-1,000,000 approximate size) to help increase your campaigns reach and delivery. One way to do this is to removing unnecessary targeting restrictions from your current audiences.

  • Creative: Add new creative to your campaign or pivot your strategy to different video, image, copy. We see video perform best. Video captures and holds attention up to 5 times longer than images.

  • Timing: One thing to consider is the timing of the campaign. Most people wait until the last minute to take an action or buy. That is why limited time offers are so influential. Take events for example, we see the majority of ticket purchases offer the week leading up to the event. That is why we recommend you allocate the majority of your digital ad spend the week before your offer expires.

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