Custom Domain FAQs

What is a "Domain" vs. "Subdomain"?

A domain is what you purchase from a website such as Namecheap, Squarespace, or Godaddy. It would look something like or

A subdomain is everything that precedes the domain name, such as or When syncing a domain on ToneDen, you will be asked to configure the “Host” on your service provider’s website, which is another word for subdomain.

Do Subdomains cost extra?

Nope! All you need to do is purchase the domain name. All additional subdomains are at no extra cost.

How do I manage multiple domains + Facebook pixels?

‌In short, the “best practice” is to configure 1 pixel per domain. Each, unique domain you want to sync up in ToneDen would require creating a new profile within your ToneDen account, then configuring the domain(s) in the respective profile’s advertising settings (

What happens if I am running campaigns for multiple artists / brands?

There can only be one custom domain routed per ToneDen profile, and you ideally only have 1 pixel tied to a custom domain. Therefore, if you are working with multiple artists and/or brands that each own their own custom domain & FB pixel that they prefer to use, you will want to:

  1. Create a new profile in your ToneDen account for each artist/brand that wishes to use their own custom domain/pixel

  2. Follow the steps outlined in this article for setting up each custom domain, per profile (verify their domain in FB business manager, sync the domain within ToneDen, configure events on the domain in FB Events Manager).

This process will allow you to utilize separate domains + pixels that are specific to each, individual artist/brand.

To save time, can I use a single domain (such as a company domain) on behalf of all the artists / brands that I run ads for?

You can connect a single, company domain that can be utilized on behalf of all the artists / brands you run ads for. This would mean you have 1 domain and 1 pixel being used across all profiles (with the ability to personalize subdomains, more on this later).

Bear in mind the limitation of only 8 pixel/event pairs configured on any single domain. If you are okay with utilizing 1 pixel (and 8 events) for all your ads, across various artists / brands, then this would be a fine solution. If you want to use a different pixel for each artist / brand, you may need to set up multiple domains.

Can I use a single “master” domain, but create multiple subdomains that are specific to the artists/brands I work with (such as,, etc)?

Yes, you can make a subdomain for each artist/brand you work with, and sync all those subdomains on ToneDen. We recommend configuring these subdomains in separate profiles for organizational purposes, broken down by the artist/brand they are referring to.

However, creating subdomains for each artist does not change the 8 pixel/event pair limitation. Simply put, gets 8 pixel/event pairs in total, which will be shared amongst all subdomains. In this scenario, creating the subdomains would be strictly for vanity purposes, to use for features such as Smart Links.

What does 8 pixel/event pairs mean?

Within Facebook Events Manager, and as part of the final step in configuring your custom domains for conversion tracking, you will need to attach both a Pixel and an Event to your domain. This allows you to run conversion-based campaigns that report back on any “Events” you configure to the domain itself.

Facebook allows you to attach up to 8 pixel/event pairs. If you are utilizing 1 pixel on your Domain, you can configure up to 8, unique events (such as View Content, Lead, Purchase, etc). If you are using 2 pixels, you can configure any pixel/event combos that you’d like, so as long as you do not exceed 8 (Pixel #1 & View Content Event, Pixel #2 & View Content Event, Pixel #1 & Lead Event, Pixel #2 & Lead Event, etc).

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