How to Create a Contest

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a Contest in ToneDen.

Creating a Giveaway to Rapidly Grow and Engage Your Audience

Users enter your contest by connecting their Facebook account. From this step, ToneDen captures the user's email and demographics (i.e., name, age, location, liked pages, etc.) on your behalf and stores them in your Audience.

After entering the contest, the user can complete a series of customizable actions to increase their chances of winning. You can customize each action and include actions to build your following on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, and more!

You can watch a video of the walkthrough here:

Create a New Contest

You can set up a contest by selecting the Campaign section.

Then, select the Contests tab on the lefthand menu and click Create New Contest Campaign.

Enter Details

The first menu prompts you to enter the contest details, such as title, description, start date, end date, and image.

Set Up Actions

The second menu allows you to set up the contest actions. Check the boxes that you would like a user to complete in order to enter your contest.

Customize Landing Page

The third menu is for users who would like to customize their contest landing page.

You can select between themes and upload a custom background image.

You can also leave a message for fans, show links to your socials, and select whether or not to include ToneDen branding.

Customize Lasso

Step 5 is optional and for users who would like to include their campaign on their website.

For information on Lasso, please visit here.

Review and Launch

The final menu will review your campaign automatically. If you are satisfied with your campaign, launch it by clicking "Launch Campaign."

That's it! You can share your contest landing page with people interested in your brand or promote the contest with an ad campaign.

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