How to retarget website visitors or Facebook Pixel page visitors

How to retarget website and pixel page viewers using ToneDen's Facebook Advertising platform

One of the highest converting and most profitable ways to target fans who are interested in your brand but haven’t necessarily followed you on social media yet is to target fans who have visited any website that has your Facebook pixel installed.

When a person visits a website that has your Facebook pixel placed on it—whether it’s your ticketing company’s website (e.g., your actual website (e.g., or clicks on a short-link with your pixel installed on it (e.g.,—the person is able to be advertised to directly.

This term is commonly known as “retargeting” or “remarketing.”

You can target this audience through the service by pressing “Add New,” “Website,” “All Website Visitors Audience,” followed by selecting the appropriate Facebook pixel in the “Template Options” section:

The service will then create an audience in Facebook that automatically targets anyone who's visited a web page with your Facebook pixel on it within the past 180 days.

Tip: Use all of your pixel traffic to maximize the size of the audience you can target.

It's also possible to target individuals who've visited a specific web page where your Facebook pixel is installed.

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