Ad Creative Customization by Placement

Using our platform to customize creatives specific to each platform you are advertising on.

ToneDen allows you to customize your ad creative by Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed and Stories. By customizing ad creative by placement, you no longer need to create separate campaigns in order to assign the optimal image or video to a placement. In fact, you don’t even need to create multiple ads. Instead, you can assign multiple creative options for a single ad.


To customize your ad creative by placement:

1. Start by selecting an image or video.


2. Select the pencil icon to modify your ad for Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, and Stories. Your initial image or video will be atomically applied to each placement.


3. Select 'change video' or 'change image' on the placement that you would like to customize with different creative.


4. Select the creative you would like to use for that placement.

That's it! You can also customize the video thumbnail for each placement by selecting 'change thumbnail' on the placement.

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