What is a Playbook?

What is a Playbook?

A Playbook is a single campaign that automates a specific marketing task.

Each Playbook is designed to help you achieve a specific marketing objective important to your business or brand.

Playbooks are crafted with the belief that marketing is about people, and people are about the relationships you cultivate with them through meaningful interactions.

Playbooks help your customers or fans get from point A to point B.

Why do Playbooks matter?

Today’s consumers buy online and in-stores, using laptops and tablets and phones, after reading about a product or hearing their friends talk up an event. Their decision to buy is influenced by multiple interfaces, platforms, and networks. As “multi-channel consumers,” it’s only logical that “multi-channel marketing” would work for them.

But “multi-channel marketing” sounds more straightforward than it is. Too often this approach results in a fragmented experience for people. Customers read emails independently of ads that they may see on Facebook or Instagram.

For you, the marketer, fragmentation can mean that you’re spending multiple budgets for separate campaigns across numerous channels, even though you're working toward the same end goal — getting customers to buy.

How do Playbooks work?

Playbooks solve the multi-channel dilemma by making it easy to reach and engage your target customer on multiple channels with a single campaign.

For example, people who interact positively with your ad campaign immediately receive a personalized message leading them to buy on your website. This means you spend a single budget to promote, engage with, and convert buyers.

More importantly, you’re building relationships with your customers in a novel and personal way — all while measurably increasing the number of subscribers, the virality of your product, and revenue for your business.

Each Playbook solves a unique marketing challenge for your business or brand. Playbooks are tailored for the specific kinds of customer your business serves so you’ll be able to execute sophisticated marketing strategies for your vertical with just a few clicks.

Here's a flowchart to help you select the optimal Event Playbook:

Here's a flowchart to help you select the optimal Music Playbook:

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