Smart Links for Social Media Bios (BigLinks)

BigLinks: Smarter bio links for social media marketing

BigLinks make it easy to direct your audience to your latest song, album, video, livestream, social profiles, and more—helping your audience discover all of your important content.

Click Smart Links on the left-side navigation then +Create New Link Campaign on the right to start creating your BigLink. This article will take you through the process step-by-step.

This is where you can add link buttons to your BigLink.

You can adjust link background and reorder your links by clicking and dragging them in the preview to the right. To make your links visible or hidden, toggle the Enable or Disable button.

‌Adjust the look and feel of your BigLink by uploading:

Avatar Image: The feature image for your BigLink page. Recommended size: 150x150 px.

Audio or Video Embed (Optional): URL link to an audio file or YouTube/Vimeo video, which can be used instead of an avatar image.

Header Sub-Header: Your name, brand, handle, and/or description of your page.

Text Color & Background: Select colors for your text and background or upload a background image to use. Recommended aspect ratio: 16:9.

Email Capture: Add a simple email capture form for your contact list.

Add Social Icons: Make the links to your social profiles easily accessible at the bottom of your BigLink page.

‌We provide you with the ability to control how your link displays on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social channels.

If you'd like your URL to have a specific name, change the short link information here.

Connect Domain (optional)

We also offer the ability to add a subdomain, helping you brand consistently across your links. This will also provide you with the ability to promote your FanLink for custom conversions. Here's a step-by-step to creating your own custom domain and connecting your domain for use with ToneDen smart links:

pageA Guide To Setting Up Your Own Domain For Custom Conversions

Add Retargeting Pixels (optional)

If you plan on advertising to your fans, add your retargeting pixels here. You have the ability to add the following retargeting pixels: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

To earn affiliate revenue on iTunes/Apple Music or Amazon, enter your affiliate code(s) on this page as well.

Review and Launch

After you've double-checked everything and created a Campaign Name, press Create Link and you're good to go!

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