ToneDen's Facebook & Instagram Ads for Events

A quick walk-through of our advertising platform specifically built for event creators.

Facebook & Instagram Ads For Events Overview

Let's start things off with a general overview of our Facebook Ads platform!

We've built an event creator-friendly version of Facebook Ads Manager to help you make better ad campaigns.

You can learn more about it by watching the below overview video:

You can also learn how to make these campaigns by skipping to the next article:

pageCreating Your First Event Ad Campaign

What Makes ToneDen Different than using Facebook Ads Manager?

Event creators benefit from Facebook Advertising when they implement best practices.

Most event creators do not implement these best practices in every campaign because of bandwidth constraints and limited marketing expertise.

ToneDen packages these techniques into a repeatable playbook/process that will work for every part of the event marketing lifecycle.

We've also taken the learnings of 65,000+ event ad campaigns that generated $111 million in gross ticket sales and have built a platform that makes sense to any event creator.

Below you'll find a quick run down of some of the core components that make ToneDen stand apart from other solutions.

We Provide Conversion Tracking That's Easy to Understand

Advertising is an investment. It can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive if you’re guessing on how to find your ticket buyers.

ToneDen makes it easy to see how effective your ad campaign, audiences, and ads are at driving registrations for your upcoming events.

You can learn more about conversion tracking in this article:

pageIntroduction to Conversion Tracking

We Make it Easier to Use Multiple Target Audiences

Most advertisers use a single audience when advertising. This strategy is risky and is equivalent to putting all of your eggs into one basket.

By targeting multiple audiences with your ads, you can cast a wider net to find and win the most ticket buyers at the lost cost.

ToneDen automatically suggests multiple audiences for you by using your Eventbrite and Facebook data. This eliminates hours of work and guessing on who your ideal ticket buyer is.

You can learn more about and using multiple audiences in this article:

pageThe Most Profitable Audiences to Target for Event Ads

We Make it Easier to A/B Test Audiences and Creatives

Testing multiple variations of post text, images, and videos allow you to build an ad that will drive the most amount of engagement in the news feed.

ToneDen allows you to easily input multiple variations of creative and automatically builds every possible combination of ad possible. This saves hours of testing and guessing on building an ad people will click and buy from.

You can learn more about A/B testing in this article:

pageIntroduction to A/B Testing

We Have a Budget Optimization Algorithm that Prevents Wasteful Spending

Budget optimization means moving your budget around to the best performing audiences and ads.

This allows you to stretch each dollar in your budget to get your the most return on your ad spend.

ToneDen does real-time around-the-clock budget optimization, constantly monitoring every aspect on your campaign and shifting budgets to the right audience at the right time.

Our budget optimization algorithm was specifically designed for event marketing and has been proven to help event creators achieve above average returns from Facebook Ads.

You can learn more about budget optimization in this article:

pageIntroduction to Budget Optimization

We Have Specialized Features for Event Creators

ToneDen also provides features that are nearly impossible to create within of Facebook Ads Manager.

Dynamic Event Ads make it easy to automatically market your entire calendar of events for as little as $1 per day.

You can learn more about one of our more unique features for high volume event creators here:

pageAutomate Every Event Ad with Dynamic Event Ads

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