How to Deactivate an item in your Product Catalog

If you don’t want a specific item/show to be advertised by your Dynamic Event Ad campaign, you’ll have to deactivate that item/show in its product catalog.

Luckily this only needs to be done once and is extremely simple to do!

Option 1 - In ToneDen

You can easily exclude an event from your DEA campaign by editing your campaign and then going to the "Select Catalog Segment" step.

All you need to do is uncheck the events you don't want advertised and then update your campaign!

Option 2 - In Facebook

1. Open your Product Catalog in Ads Manager.

2. Click on the Catalog that contains the item/show you’d like to deactivate.

Product Catalogs created using ToneDen Dynamic Ads normally include your ticketing provider and the org's name in the title of the catalog. Search by either of these to quickly find the correct catalog

3. Click "Products" on the left hand side (look for the T-shirt icon).

4. Hover over the item/show you’d like to deactivate and check the box in the upper right hand corner (you can select multiple at one time). Then click “Deactivate Delivery” and them items will now be excluded from your Dynamic Ad Campaign’s product catalog.

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