How to Change Your Attribution Window

What Is a Conversion?

A conversion is when someone completes a specific action after seeing your ad. That action can be anything you want: visiting a website, signing up for an email list, viewing a video, making a purchase, etc.

How Does an Ad Get Credit for a Conversion?

Facebook uses a last-touch attribution model, which means they'll attribute full credit for a conversion to the last ad the person clicked or interacted with.

If the person did not click on an ad, full credit is attributed to the last Facebook ad he or she viewed.

Did you know? Most conversions occur without a click. This is the most important piece of information you should take away:

85% of buyers never click on an ad*

What Is an Attribution Window?

Many advertisers wrongly assume that the conversions attributed to a campaign include only the people who click the ad and immediately convert.

Viewing a webpage is a simple action a consumer may perform. He or she is interested in learning more about what the ad is offering.

But many actions or decisions, such as a decision to purchase, are often more complicated. It frequently takes more than just one click, day, or even week for someone to buy or convert.

The number of days between when a person views or clicks your ad and subsequently performs a key action is called an attribution window.

What Is My Attribution Window?

On ToneDen, your attribution window is set to 28-day view and 28-day click, which means you receive credit for actions that happen up to 28 days after someone viewed or clicked your ad. This improves optimization by even further understanding the right people and audiences, driving more actions, and providing you with stronger results.

This is different than the default attribution window in Facebook's ads manager, which is a 1-day view and 28-day click window.

What is the difference between ToneDen and Facebook's attribution window?

A 28-day view and 28-day click means that when someone views or clicks your ad and purchases at any point within the following 28-day period, your ad is given credit for that conversion.

In Facebook, by default, a 1-day view and 28-day click window means that your ad is only given credit for the conversion if the purchaser viewing your ad has actually clicked on your ad and converted within the 28 days following first viewing the ad.

A very important thing to remember: 85% of purchasers never click on an ad. By Facebook's default measurement, your ad will only get credit for the conversion if a person viewing the ad but never clicks makes a purchase decision that same day they viewed the ad.

Why does ToneDen do this differently?

Imagine running an ad campaign starting on Monday for an event that is on Friday of the same week. With Facebook's default attribution window, you wouldn't see conversions from people who saw your ads on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and then purchased on Thursday or Friday without actually clicking your ad.

ToneDen's 28-day view helps you widen the window to account for all of the people that never click your ads but still end up buying. The result is a much more accurate analysis of the effectiveness of your ad and its different audiences and creative combinations.

ToneDen will then use the more granular data to further improve your campaign's budget optimization. By analyzing higher quality signals over a longer period, our optimization algorithm can learn from and adapt to more data, improving how our system allocates your budget to higher performing audiences over the course of your campaigns.

How Can I Change My Attribution Window in ToneDen?

Still want your ad metrics in ToneDen to match Facebook's default setting? It's as easy as flipping a switch.

  1. Navigate to your Settings

  2. Click Advertising

  3. Flip the attribution window switch to Facebook Default

Advertising Settings

How Do I Get Ads Manager to Show ToneDen's Attribution Window?

You can change the attribution window on Facebook to reflect ToneDen's default 28-day view and 28-day click attribution by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings from the main menu of Ads Manager

2. Click Edit under Attribution

3. Select your Attribution Window to be 28 Days Click and 28 Days View.

4. Click Save Changes

Have questions or need more clarification? Send us a message or email and we'd be happy to help.

*Facebook Internal Data, Conversion Lift studies, Feb 2017. Based on 2,177

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