How to Create the Instagram Growth Playbook Campaign

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create an Instagram Growth Playbook Campaign in ToneDen.

Before You Get Started

We highly recommend setting up your own domain to run the Instagram Growth Playbook for best results. Otherwise, campaigns will default to link click optimization. Once you've connected your domain to ToneDen, our system will automatically use your new custom subdomain to run these campaigns. You can learn how to set one up in the following guide:

pageA Guide To Setting Up Your Own Domain For Custom Conversions

We highly recommend creating a video formatted for Instagram Stories Ads prior to making your Instagram Growth Playbook campaign. You can learn best practices & how to make the ad creative in the following guide:

pageHow to Create Instagram Stories Ads for Growth Suite

Step 1: Select Accounts

The first step is to choose the Facebook advertising account you want the campaign to be created under in the Select a Facebook Advertising Account section.

The second step is to Choose a Facebook Page & Instagram Account to post as.

The ads in the Instagram Growth Playbook campaign will ONLY appear in Instagram Stories. The reason why you have to choose a Facebook Page is that Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Please remember to link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page if you haven't yet:

The last step is to Select a Facebook Pixel (optional).

This option will only appear if the Facebook Advertising Account you've selected has more than one Facebook Pixel attached to it.

If your Facebook Advertising Account only uses one pixel, we will automatically use that pixel in your ad campaign.

Step 2: Set Schedule

The first step is to select a campaign start date on the calendar in the "When do you want your ad campaign to start section."

The second step is to then select a start time for your campaign.

Toggle the Run my ad campaign continuously checked if you want your campaign to run continuously (recommended).

If you do not want your campaign to run continuously, you can uncheck the Run my ad campaign continuously button.

From there, you would Select an End Date and Select an End Time for your campaign.

Step 3: Design Story Ad

Add and customize your Instagram Story ad creative here in this step.

For image, select +Add Image. You can upload images from your Ad Account and Facebook Page Library. Or you can Design Your Own via our Canva integration or use ToneDen's Design Studio.

In ToneDen's Design Studio, you can customize your Template by adjusting the following fields: Most liked images or most recent images from your Instagram feed.

Scroll down and select the number of images required according to your template selected. Select Update Design to refresh your story preview.

Step 4: Target Instagram Fans

The first step is to enter who you want to target on Instagram by selecting their interests. Take note of your potential reach below.

If you're an artist and would rather target interests based on Spotify, select Generate Interests from Spotify.

Add and proofread interests in the Generated Interests section. The interests in the Generated Interests section are what is targeted on Instagram. Sometimes a less relevant interest appears. Please double check your interests to make sure they are all relevant to your audience.

Global targeting should be selected by default (recommended).

Step 5: Modify Budget

Set a daily budget between $5-$30 for your campaign. For growth campaigns, we always recommend sustained spending stretched out over a long period of time versus a typical 7-10 day campaign.

Step 6: Review Ad Campaign

Double-check everything!

Step 7: Launch Playbook

After you've double-checked everything and created a Playbook Name for this campaign, press Launch Playbook Campaign and you're good to go!

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